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The strongest in bleach - who is it?

Who is the strongest in Bleach

The strongest characters in Bleach have been a topic of debate for many fans. There are some casual fans who think that Ichigo Kurosaki is the strongest character, while others disagree and say that he isn't even capable of using his full potential yet. Many people think that Aizen or Kenpachi Zaraki are the strongest, but many do not know that there is a character who was so strong he had to be sealed away. However, the character that is most often overlooked as being one of the strongest in Bleach is actually a female Quincy named Yhwach.

In the final fight of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki went up against three powerful enemies who were more than likely stronger than him. In fact, they quickly overpowered him and he had to be saved by some idiot named Uryu Ishida. However, for some reason, the anime decided to give Ichigo a power-up so that he could fight evenly with them. His opponent's seemed more interesting at this time rather than his own because all he did was scream and wail on his opponents with an immeasurable amount of zanpakuto attacks that were barely able to scratch his opponents. However, Ichigo did get the power-up that he craved for and ended up defeating them with one final attack.

However, there was something interesting about the fight that many fans did not notice. When Ichigo Kurosaki was fighting Aizen and his antagonists Uryu Ishida arrived to help him out because he had the Hogyoku within him. Uryu used a powerful arrow and sealed Aizen away, but this is what actually happened:

"Ichigo was about to collapse again when Uryu Ishida arrived and fired an arrow at Aizen, not only sealing his spiritual pressure but also breaking the hypnosis that Tosen placed over him."

"Ishida fires an arrow, which is blocked by Tosen. However, Aizen's spiritual pressure has greatly weakened and he can barely stand on his own two feet.

These are some of the passages from Bleach that explain what happened when Uryu Ishida came to Ichigo Kurosaki's rescue. Uryu shot an arrow at Aizen, which broke Tosen's hypnosis and sealed away Aizen's spiritual pressure. This is what made the fight even so that Ichigo could emerge victorious over his opponents. However, this scene is often misinterpreted by fans as just being a random attack by Uryu Ishida, but the truth is that it actually broke the seal on Yhwach's spiritual pressure that had been placed on him by another Quincy named Haschwald.

Yhwach was sealed by Haschwald and had his spiritual power removed from him. This weakened his powers and allowed Haschwald to imprison him within a large fortress and guard him with his army of Sternritter. However, Uryu's attack on Aizen did not only seal away the spiritual pressure that he had, but it also broke the seal that was placed on Yhwach by Haschwald.

This is what happens after Uryu Ishida fires an arrow at Aizen. Yhwach's spiritual pressure was sealed away by Haschwald so that he could not escape his prison without Uryu's help. Yhwach was so strong that he would have easily broken out if not for Haschwald's seal, but Uryu came just in time to free him.

Uryu Ishida is actually the reason why Yhwach is one of the most powerful characters in Bleach.


Yhwach is one of the most powerful characters in Bleach and was only able to be sealed away because Uryu Ishida fired an arrow at Aizen that broke Haschwald's seal. Yhwach's spiritual pressure was sealed away by Haschwald to make sure that he did not escape his prison, but Uryu Ishida broke the seal with a single arrow. Yhwach's spiritual power returned to him and allowed him to break out of prison, making Yhwach stronger than he had been before.






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